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Why Obtain CHRP Designation

There are many reasons why Canadian HR professionals strive to become certified with Canada's national HR designation, the Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation. Here are just a few:

  • The CHRP designation is the most recognized and respected level of qualification in human resources management in Canada. Achieving it means you are one of the highest ranking and skilled professionals in HR, and have the knowledge and experience to pass the profession's national exams, based on an established level of core competencies
  • With a CHRP designation, you will have access to better positions and salaries in the marketplace – studies have shown employers prefer to hire CHRP holders (see “Employers Hire CHRP Holders”)
  • Certification is viewed as an essential tool for maintaining high performance standards in the profession and in your workplace
  • The CHRP designation is portable from province to province – and an effective way of showing employers across the country you have mastery of the national HR body of knowledge, encompassed in the Required Professional Capabilities (RPCs), applicable to all Canadian provinces
  • Certification represents an ongoing commitment to professional development in human resources management – it means you have accepted the personal challenge of keeping abreast of new developments in the field
  • It is also is also a personal statement that you are a human resources professional who has agreed to practice the profession in full compliance with the National Code of Ethics

When asked, most of Canada's 16,000 CHRP holders will tell you they attained the designation to illustrate to employers and colleagues their qualifications and experience are recognized by the national body of HR associations in Canada, CCHRA.

More Reasons to Certify…

In a 2003 study of Canadian HR professionals conducted by the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) titled The Maturing Profession of Human Resources Worldwide, it was found:

  • More than 60 per cent of Canadian HR professionals agreed that to work in HR, one must have some type of recognized credentials
  • More than 60 per cent of respondents agreed that to work in HR, one should have professional certification from a certifying body or agency within one's country
  • Close to 70 per cent of the respondents agreed that to advance one's career in HR, one must have some type of recognized credentials
  • Almost half of the respondents agreed that to advance one's career in HR, one should have professional certification related to HR from a body or agency within one's country

Employers Hire CHRP Holders

Although using the CHRP certification is completely voluntary and designation holders must ensure they comply with any applicable laws, many organizations and individuals now use the CHRP designation as a required job specification and incorporate it as a condition of employment. In November 2001, a study by the Human Resources Association of Ontario (HRPAO) revealed that more than 50 per cent of HR positions advertised in the previous two years in Ontario were structured around the CHRP designation as a required or preferred job specification. There is every expectation that this trend will continue to grow over the next number of years.

Advantages of Having a CHRP Designation


Be in demand. Today's top employers are looking for the most qualified candidates. As a CHRP, you'll reach the highest level of achievement for an HR professional. Get your CHRP – and get the job you want.


This nationally recognized designation is portable from one province to another, increasing your job mobility and career opportunities.


Become a valuable resource to your organization with the knowledge and skills gained from obtaining your CHRP designation. You'll be an integral part of the management team, making decisions that help your company reach its goals – as you achieve yours.


Reach new levels with a CHRP designation. You'll gain professional credibility, confidence and increase your potential for greater personal and financial rewards.